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May Ohaedoghasi is a woman who believes strongly in meaningful and love-motivated existence and communalism. This existence can only be made possible where and when every one has respect and compassion for his neighbor, where there’s justice, equity and fairness amongst all peoples, where the weak and lonely are helped to be strong and to connect with others, and where friendship, kindred spirit and family bonds are so fostered that we approach true growth in wholeness. Her maxims in life are: better a home filled with little but love than a mansion with constant strife. There is no prosthesis for an amputated heart.
In pursuance of these objectives, she is utilizing every opportunity that comes her way to point to people that we can try to be truly concerned about one another, in our different corners; we can acquire peace and inner serenity by sharing than by being avaricious; family bonds need to be fostered and sustained to forestall the wave of moral crimes and individualism that is eating deep into the foundations of our various societies and God must be placed in His prime position in our lives if we must advance towards our pre-ordained stature which is his image and likeness.
As an author, she has written books in various aspects of human endeavors:
a. Marriage- A crown and a Rose: this book expounds the ingredients of marriage as it was originally intended to be. Guides are given on how best to choose our partners, tackle the grey areas that a lot of people are confronted with in their relationships and boost the conjugal union that epitomizes marriage. An online copy of the book can be ordered from
b. Stress Management and Personality Development- a holistic approach. An associate professor of education- Dr Guy Ilogu of the University of Lagos, Nigeria summarily says of this book “ it tackles comprehensively the concept of stress in all ramifications as it relates to our body, mind and spirit thus creating a simplified and yet authentic scenario that appeals to all grades of readers.”
c. My Sweetheart, My Bride-Spirituality and sexuality: this timely and prophetic book on chastity and sexuality (as enthused by Most Rev (Dr) Hilary O. Okeke- Catholic Bishop of Nnewi diocese) draws our attention to the incessant abuse our God-given human sexuality is being subjected to. Our healthy affective drives are being kinked as the rubrics of family lives are badly shaken, no thanks to the epidemic rise of marital separation, divorce or abandonment as well as excessive chase of materialism at the cost of quality time spent together in homes.
This book categorically states that sexuality perversions are not normal but are largely offshoots of bruised homes leading to poor psychological development of some its members; that human sexuality in its adulterated form is an existential imperative; and that everyone- including the singles and widows are called to a life of chastity.
d. Sexualiy, STIs and Abstinence: is basically a handbook on how to build our self image and esteem , make platonic friendships, abstain from sex outside marriage and watch out for the various sexually transmitted infections that are unobtrusively spread around because the careers do not present with immediate symptoms.
e. She has other unpublished manuscripts on Management coaching, managing family stress, the enigma called Love, suffering and Holiness.
Apart from conducting seminars and workshops on the various topics she has written on, May Ohaedoghasi co-ordinates a faith-based non-governmental support group for widows and alone mothers called Women of Divine Love Group. This group which has been in the existence since 1996 has about 19 chapters interspersed in various parishes in the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos and Nnewi(in Anambra state) of Nigeria.
The cardinal points are
1. All round support
2. Pursuit of Chastity
3. Seek the abandoned.
The group is willing to collaborate with any individual, government, or religious body, NGO or company that wishes to reduce the burden of widows and their fatherless children.
With the scourge of street and media pornography ravaging almost the entire globe and with the crying need of most civilized world to re-imbibe the values of fraternal bonds in families, May has gone ahead to inaugurate another initiative called The Gazelle Love Club.

The Gazelle Love Initiative
Gazelle Love pledge
I pledge to dress decently at all times, to say No to Sex outside marriage, to avoid occasions that may lead me to immoral behaviour, to abhor abortion and to teach others to do the same.
So help me God
Preamble: Is a non- government, non-denominational, nonprofit organisation
This Initiative derives its name from the fact that its mission is to mold people into more qualitative human begins who are metaphorically related to a gazelle.
A gazelle is a young graceful antelope and an antelope is an animal that runs very fast has long horns and tough leathery skin. These are qualities that the club tries to promote —gracefulness in attitude, innocence, eagerness to run away from occasions that may compromise one’s moral values, and a ’tough skin’ to withstand the pressures of the modern world. A male antelope is a symbol for sexuality.
TGLC – being a chastity and pure love promoting organization aims at ensuring that everyone, particularly the young ones, present a graceful posture at all times, be childlike or young in their approach to friendships, runs fast from evil or to help a neighbour in need and equips himself with appropriate tools to live a chaste life in a world swimming with irresponsible use of freedom regarding sexual matters. (A child is unassuming in his dealings, does not think about colour, race or status when he interacts with people and welcome hugs and affectionate gestures without ulterior motives).
The tools include the right kind of sexuality education, good moral values, strength of characters and determination.
There are many myths and tales associated with the different species of antelope, but their common factor amongst other things is that: they are associated with gentleness, caring love, sensitivity, graceful beauty, innocence and keen observation. The stag (male antelope) is a symbol of protection and sexuality. Little wonder, Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, urged his beloved to come to him like a gazelle in his Song of Songs
In addition to promoting pure and chaste friendships, the GLC helps to foster family bonds by training and retraining couples to create qualitative time for each other and nurture their children with warmth and the appropriate psychosexual health impartation.
Sexuality perverts like homosexuals are helped to re-attune their mindsets for healing. The club propagates the right to life of the unborn child and promotes utmost care in the formation of every growing child in his well-being.
We also help widows, widowers and other alone mothers to form sharing groups where they can share their problem in the spirit of trust and openness. Togetherness is a key word to joyful living.

To create world where:
1. Everyone will love his neighbor in all its purity,
2. Sexuality perversions will be eschewed,
3 Family bonds will be fostered,
4. Justice and equity will be enthroned among the gender communality.

MOTTO: Love, Justice and Purity.

1) To help the youths understand their psychosexual developments and also highlight the dangers of pornography and promiscuity such as HIV/AIDs, other sexually transmitted diseases and denigration of human dignity.
2 To help sexual prevents such as homosexuals, masochists, rapists etc, appreciate fully, the evil and unnaturalness of their sexual orientation and with the appropriate therapeutic approach help them to re-orientate themselves.
3 To inculcate the values of pure friendship based on chastity to persons living alone and promote agape love and fraternal bonds among all persons in their different states of life.
4 To campaign for the right and dignity of all persons based on mutual respect within the gender communality with emphasis on abhorrence of subjugation in all its ramification. Prime attention will be given to abrogation of obnoxious and degrading widows rites, empowerment of widows to be able to assert their rights and cope better in their state of life, equity for the deserted wife and justice for the battered wife and children.

5. To propagate the right to life of the unborn child and promote utmost care in the formation of every growing child in his physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Good parental/foster parental care, qualitative education and impartation of good moral values are critical here.
6. To flame and sustain the embers of martial intimacy, and by emphasizing the sacredness of marital vows, stem the tide of separation and divorce.
7. To enthrone equity, justice, Godliness and responsible use of freedom in all aspect of human relationships.

1. We promote the formation of the gazelle love initiative in schools, Churches, Mosques and Communities.
2. We encourage the formation and sustenance of allied interest groups such as widow/widowers support groups, deserted wives/husband forums, help centers for abused children and spouses with the intent to foster the rights and dignity of deserving members.
3. We operate help / counseling lines to homosexuals, rapist and their victims, abortionists and all other persons needing support in all areas stipulated in our missions.
4. We organize on-going seminars, conferences and interact with affiliate groups to propagate our common goals and sell our innovative ideas.
5. We link up cases of right abuse and injustices with appropriate affiliate bodies for enforcement of right and /or justice of the victim. In cases of sexual orientation we initiate therapeutic support for the individuals.

6. We run a support group for alone mothers which creates a conducive atmosphere for sharing in a spirit of trust and openness, empower the members economically and otherwise, and promote chastity as the bedrock to inner peace and spiritual growth.
7. We use the media and all available forums to propagate healthy sexuality living such as close fraternal bonds, intimacy between parents and children, marital intimacy, chastity, good moral values in tandem with the indigenous culture and religious stipulations and respect within gender community.

1. Assisting to set up the Gazelle love club in your vicinity;
2. Sponsoring seminars on the responsible use of human sexuality.
3. Sponsoring our media coverages so that the messages can get to as many individuals and homes as possible.
4. By assisting the widows and indigent youths in your family and neighbourhood so that they can be empowered enough to say No to evil inclinations and live more wholesomely.
5. Donating towards the running of this initiative.

For enquiries and contact:
TGLC Office,
Neighbourhood Plaza,
31 Road/5th Ave junction,
Gowon Estate, Egbeda,
Tel:08056704643 ,08081524120

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